ELASA spring meeting 2023

02.05 - 07.05 in Austria

The topic of the next ELASA meeting in Austria is “urban jungle”. The aim is to elaborate on the term: What is an urban jungle and what characterizes it? How is it created and what are its different shapes? Does urban wilderness have to be a “chaotic collection of plants” or can the urban jungle already be a form of wilderness? As planners we are particularly interested in whether it is possible to plan an “urban jungle” or whether it has to emerge and develop “bottom-up” on its own.

IFLA Europe Landscape Architecture Students and Young Professions Competition

IFLA Europe Landscape Architecture Students and Young Professionals Competition gives the opportunity to students and young professionals to share their projects and ideas among IFLA Europe, its members – 34 National Associations – and landscape architecture practitioners throughout Europe. The competition aims to help landscape architecture students and young professionals to get exposure for their projects and work. Any European landscape architecture student enrolled in European Landscape Architecture programme or a professional under the age of 35, who is a member of any of the IFLA Europe National Associations, can submit their project.
The theme of 2023 Competition is ‘Lost Landscapes’. Looking at the transformation of landscapes in recent years, we cannot ignore how the speed of the dynamics that caused this, is undergoing a new, strong acceleration. Scientists, researchers, and scholars describe the current world as one out of control, where environmental, economic, and identity crises are interconnected; although their dimensions are global, they are perceived locally, profoundly affecting the places and landscapes that are an expression thereof.

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