After two weeks fully packed with fun, adventure, and creativity, the 7th PAO Architecture Summercamp had finished at the beginning of September. Again, a highly diverse and colourful group of participants had found their way to Romanian mountain village Potoc. For challenging themselves in experimental art and architecture, they had come all the way from Germany, Great Britain, Kosovo, Malaysia, Romania, Spain, South Africa, and Ukraine. Centered around the old village school, the workshop programme combined artistic experiments (wild!) with hands-on project work: mosaic tiling, paper making, design studio. As the main work, however, the reconstruction of the roof was undertaken – an ambitious task which got done with the help of local craftsmen. 

Parallel to the course, a children´s workshop was held for the local youngsters. Also, many guests showed up during the workshop for presenting lectures and performances – e.g. a fabulous Jazz concert. This year´s course took another step towards transforming Potoc´s old school house into a vibrant experimental laboratory. The works and results of the summerschool will be presented in public exhibitions and upcoming publications – to be announced soon!