a landscape in a landscape – international workshop

Considering the urban landscape of Bucharest as an overlapping of the vernacular projects over the official projects (I. Tudora) the workshop is intended to tackle the issues of a “typical site” for the city. The task is to find means of balancing local considerations with broader social and ecological concerns. Places are alive, as Robert Thayer put it: ‘for they grow, change, and decline with the individuals and groups who maintain or ignore them.” Landscape is not static; landscape is constantly on the move. And furthermore we recall James Corner, who states that:  “The landscape is itself a text that is open to interpretation and transformation.”

There is no entry fee to this workshop and also the accommodation will be arranged for all the participants and will be covered by the organisation committee; you will be staying 5 minutes away from where the workshop will be taking place. The only expense you will incur as a participant is your food and travel within Bucharest.


In order to attend the workshop you will provide us the following information (via email at the address a.landscape.in.a.landscape@gmail.com) :

  • Name
  • Country
  • University
  • Email

After we receive your application you will get a confirmation email from us

Because of the limited number of 25 participants we will select the students according to the date of submission and according to the country of origin (we want  to encourage the cultural exchange).

On the 17th may we will send you the final list of participants.

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