ELASA is the European Landscape Architecture Student Association which promotes the support, cooperation, exchange of ideas and understanding between landscape architecture students throughout Europe. Each year an annual meeting (summer) and a smaller mini-meeting (spring) are arranged. Every meeting is organised in a different country by landscape architecture students of an university from that country.

Besides meetings information about internships, LA-happenings, workshops, competitions, Erasmus-exchanges and requests for infomation about these topics is spread via the ELASA mailinglist. This website will also get more interactive features, so knowledge about landscape architecture related topics can be spread more easy and reach a broader public.

Apart from exchanging LA related info between students ELASA represents landscape architecture students in meeting of the European and global professional and educational landscape architecture organisations like IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects), EFLA (European Federation of Landscape Architecture) and ECLAS (European Counsel of Landscape Architecture Schools). ELASA has an active participation in the LE:NOTRE project (Landscape Education: New Opportunities for Teaching and Research in Europe) of ECLAS.

ELASA is an open association without a board or a need to be a member. Meetings are based on the enthusiasm and spontanity of landscape architecture students and find continuity via a self-regulating system that is already in function since 1990. So, feel free to enter this website, join the mailinglist or apply for one of our meetings!