ELASA Meetings

ELASA Meetings

Traditionally two meetings are held in different countries during the year to keep the ELASA spirit alive. A mini-meeting takes place in spring and is variable in length, number of participants and activity. Normally it is smaller than the main meeting and is about 5 days long.

The annual meeting is held in summer and is about 14 days long.

The meetings take place in order to maintain the links between ELASA members and continue the flow of information between students.


How to plan a meeting

Anyone can host a meeting, preferably with the support of their university or college. The meeting will hopefully involve many students from the host school that may have not heard of ELASA before.

In order to produce a successful meeting, certain details must be decided in advance.

  • Dates for the meeting have to be decided as soon as possible so students can plan in advance
  • State the limit of people able to attend the meeting and what date they must apply by
  • Think about an overall topic for the meeting and list of provisional activities
  • Calculate the cost of the meeting per student, any extra cost that may be incurred and inform students how to pay this cost
  • Provide a variety of travel details and information sources, describing how to reach the meeting
  • Give a contact name and communication details so students can receive an application form

It could also be helpful to talk to other students who have already organized a meeting in order to exchange experiences.