ELASA Constitution


The students of landscape architecture courses from Europe have founded an association in Hungary in 1991, after the inaugural conference in Portugal in 1990.



European Landscape Architecture Students Association – ELASA



Article 1

Increasing the possibilities for collaboration and exchange between students of Landscape Architecture throughout Europe, by means of improving the circulation of information and ideas.



Article 2.1

To obtain and maintain contacts with existing landscape architecture courses.

Article 2.2

To obtain and maintain contacts with linked organisations.

Article 2.3

To obtain and maintain contacts with professional landscape architecture organisations

Article 2.4

To create an Information Centre

Article 3

Contact address of ELASA is the Information Centre.

Article 4

Permanent official address is through the EFLA HQ in Brussels.

Article 5

ELASA’s official language is English.

Article 6

The duration of ELASA is unlimited.



Article 7.1

The members of the association are national landscape architecture student associations from Europe.

Article 7.2

If there is no national association in a country, schools may be admitted to individual membership but only until such a national organisation is established.

Article 7.3

If there is no school represented in a country, an individual student may be admitted as long as no school or national organisation is founded in their country.

Article 8

Each nation can be represented by only one such association.

Article 9

The admission of new members must be ratified at the Representatives meeting.

Article 10

The members lose their membership by resignation.



Article 11

a. the Representative Meeting.

b. the Information Centre.

c. the contact person.

Article 12

Each country has two representatives. Number of observers is limited to capacity of conference.



Article 13

The Information Centre will be maintained by the members. Members pay the participation fee for the conferences. These members will receive seasonal information from the Information Centre.

Article 14

There is a flexible system to subsidise member participation fees due to the economy of the country.

Article 15

The budget for the association will be reviewed every year.


Switzerland, March 1992

Revised: Cheltenham/UK, May 1995