Annual Meeting – Germany

14 days roundtrip through Germany. Organised by students from TU München with support of mini teams in other cities.

14th–28th August 2011

Landscapes aren’t

static objects. Changing political conditions and a social rethinking breed new types of landscape, the ENERGETIC LANDSCAPES:

Landscapes, characterised by new forms of energy


• How is the problem of energy generation to be solved without compromising aesthetics?

• What will be our planning proposals for our growing or shrinking regions?

• What are the possible sustainable approaches?

• How will we deal with the future ecological and economical conflicts in the European context?

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One thought on “Annual Meeting – Germany

  1. je m’inscris au meeting ELASA 2011. Je suis française de l’école du paysage de Versailles.
    Où dois-je payer les 250 euros ?

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