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Some of the links here will take you to yearbook sites situated apart from Elasaweb while some links will point to materials on this server. To reduce the size of the archive all materials on this server have been compressed into archive.zip file. In order to view the content you will have to download the compressed file, then uncompress included directories into a temporary directory on your hard drive and open file named index.html . If you don't have a program to decompress then here's a link to a freeware program Power Archiver which will do the job.

This is not a complete directory of our publications. If you have attended any of the meetings please check your private archive for additional documents, newsletters, pictures, etc., and be a good fellow: send them to the web editor! Thanks for your help.

2000/01 - Estonia

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1998/99 - Slovenia

ELASA 98 logo

1997/98 - Netherlands

1996/97 - Czech Republic

1995/96 - United Kingdom

1994/95 - Norway

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1993/94 - Turkey

not available

1992/93 - Switzerland

ELASA 92 logo

Swiss Mini Meeting 1999 logo

1991/92 - Hungary

1990/91 - Portugal