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An overview on our meetings in the 29 years of existence of our association (with some teasing prospects as well).

ELASA guaranteeing international connections and friendships all over Europe.
Let us know where you joined, and share with us your greatest memories!


IFLA Student Competition 2019

This year’s vision for the IFLA World Congress, “Common Ground,” addresses a vast theme including changes to the Earth due to climate change and population growth. The theme both affects our physical surroundings and how to develop and manage our common ground sustainably.

Landscape architects work across large and small scales to face a variety of global and local challenges. This year’s congress will take a closer look at urban transformation, green mobility, healthy and beautiful landscapes and public participation. As part of this congress, students are asked to challenge what “Common Ground” means in small transformation areas in the dense city. IFLA invites students in small groups to interpret the concepts of “common ground” to Hovinbyen, a former industrial area in central Oslo that is currently undergoing a large re-development

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Student Charette

Here we are. Here we are together. Here we are together with everything. Here we are together with everything that is here now. Here we are together with all that is around us now. Here we are together with all we share now and in all the nows to come. Everything and everyone are here. Each and every one of us, and all other living beings and all the rest, are here and share the now.

“To share the now” is the basis for a performance workshop by visual artist Kurt Johannessen. As a visual artist, Kurt Johannessen also works with performance, texts and books. He has presented his performances in several countries all over the world and published nearly 100 books. Several of the latest books are part of a series called “Om noko” (“About Something”) and have been complemented by performance talks.
For more information on Kurt’s work, please see

We invite students from all over the world to participate in this Charette lead by Kurt Johannessen, from 14 to 19 September. The workshop will take place at the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) and is part of the IFLA 2019 World Congress “COMMON GROUND”. Applications may be sent from 1 April and the deadline will be 8 April 2019. Please revisit our webpage for more information.

Nava Polman Gerson Foundation (NPG) is sponsoring awards for the Student Charrette.

Applications are open!!! Annual meeting Belgium

The annual meeting of ELASA is held this year in Belgium.
The organising team of the ELASA Summer Meeting 2018 is happy to announce that applications for the ELASA Summer Meeting 2018 are open!
This is your opportunity to be part of a not to be missed event for students of landscape related fields from all over Europe.
Visit our website for more information about this exciting event:
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ELASA Annual Meeting 2018 BELGIUM

International summerschool ‘Green Climate Axes in Ghent’

The city of Ghent, University College Ghent and KU Leuven organize an international Summerschool about Green Climate Axes in the beautiful historic city of Ghent (Belgium). During a nine day summerschool, students will explore the design challenge for a number of green climate axes in Ghent. This exploration will cover different scales (axis, neighborhood, cross section) and will deal in a multidisciplinary way with urbanistic, green management, landscape and biological issues.

The Summerschool will be taking place from August 27th until September 4th. The Summerschool is free of charge. It is intended for 25 students in architecture, urbanism and (spatial) planning, landscape architecture and development, biology, bio-engineering, green management or related disciplines. English is the language used. Candidates are invited to send a short CV or portfolio and a motivation letter to before April 30th 2018.
You will find a flyer about it in attachment.