BACK TO BASICS ENDS A GREAT SUCCESS…. (despite a volcano erupting!)

A big thank you to all the participants of the 2010 ELASA minimeeting held in Edinburgh from 15-19th April 2010. Back to Basics saw the arrival of 32 participants from 12 European countries. Sadly we missed 8 of our original participants who despite every effort were unable to join us due to the volcano eruption preventing them flying.

However the programme went ahead and we took part in a range of workshops including

  • Grass sculpture in a deprived area of Edinburgh as part of a local organisation NEA (North Edinburgh Arts) programme of events aiming to raise public engagement in the regeneration of their community
  • Lecture from leading landscape architect and director of Gross Max- Eelco Hooftman
  • A day walking and drawing in the Scottish highlands focussing on a range of drawing approaches encouraging a variety of responses to place
  • Lecture from leading artist Donald Urquhart
  • Talk from the Forestry Commission on the current and future issues effecting Forestry design and management in Scotland
  • Talk from local farmers and their role in the stewardship of Scotlands landscapes
  • International Evening
  • Lecture from Ross Mclean Lecturer from ECA and Art Space and Nature
  • Lecture from Eddy Van Mourik (mind mapping)
  • Lecture from Lara Greene- Sculptor (working in 3D)
  • A day of experimenting and working in 3D in response to mapping the landscapes as we experience them
  • Final exhibition and Ceilidh at Edinburgh College of Art

and many many more highlights…

Also the Representatives meeting took place and decided the ELASA minimeetings for 2011. It was decided that in 2011 we will aim to have 2 minimeetings in response to the growing enthusiasm within ELASA.

A minimeeting will definitely happen in Switzerland in association with the IFLA congress. This means there will be a minimeeting at the end of June after the congress to allow and encourage participants to also be part of the IFLA meeting.

ANOTHER minimeeting will also take place earlier in the year in late winter/early Spring (January/February). This will be in either Poland or Slovenia and will be confirmed in the upcoming months once participants have had the chance to investigate this further.

Of course the annual meeting will happen as planned in Germany in August/September 2011.

We are really excited to see ELASA grow and move forward into a healthy future enabling more opportunities for Landscape Architecture students across Europe to benefit from all the meetings have to offer.

Thanks more to follow soon!

ROwan p.s

we missed you!!!!!