Continue spirit of ELASA

Hi all,Why bother

Following the Representatives meeting attached are the links to a presentation that I said I would make available for you all to use to publicise ELASA at your home universities.

You will see it is quite simple (thank you to Felix for the original template!) and includes a quick overview of the organisation, what we do, and a brief explanation of the most recent meetings. It is available both as a powerpoint and pdf. Feel free to alter it in any way/language to suit your own needs. I gave this presentation at my university and it really was popular, particularly with lower years.

It would be great if you could use this (it doesn’t take long at all) and watch this space for a link to the Education Questionnaire coming soon. Please publicise this link when it arrives and encourage your coursemates to fill it out.
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  1. so, because there are really no obligations to be a part of the organization, do you see kind of lackluster or spotty participation.

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