Mini-meeting 2011 – Switzerland in cooperation with IFLA World Congress

4 days special meeting in Zurich 25th – 29th June 2011

For the first time ever, ELASA will collaborate with IFLA and the student charette. Charette participants will have the opportunity to participate in the ELASA meeting which follows on from the congress. This will encourage increased student involvement in the IFLA Congress, Student Charette and ELASA.

An exciting addition to the ELASA calendar.

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14 thoughts on “Mini-meeting 2011 – Switzerland in cooperation with IFLA World Congress

  1. Hi Linda

    The registration has not been opened yet, were still preparing the website, i think it will be
    opened in february/march.. there will be a link on this side to sign up..


  2. Hi!

    you mentioned charette student workshop organised by Technische Hochschule Rapperswill that is going to happen before ELASA mini meeting. Does anyone has information about it?


  3. Hi Vladimir

    Yes the student charette is going to happen the 2.5 days before the ELASA mini meeting. As far as i know there is not yet any information, it is organised by our school and the havent made the program yet. I think there will be more information in February/ March, as soon as i know anything i will post it on this site…


  4. Hi.

    Does anyone know if there is a fee for attending the mini-meeting in Zürich, an if so, how much?


    student from Norway

  5. Hey Caroline

    Yeah there is a fee, its not yet sure how much it will definetiley be, it’s going to be around 200-250 Euro (inclusive the IFLA Ticket)… but it’s not yet sure.. the webpage will be online in the end of february, acutally were working on it hardly and looking for more sponsors, so that the meeting hopefully will get cheaper..


  6. Hi!

    I´m wondering if the applications are already opened? I couldn´t find it on the website.

    Regards, Katja

  7. Hey Katja

    No, the app’s not yet been opened, it will be posted here, as soon as we opens application!

    regards, joëlle

  8. Hey, where and when can I register for the mini meeting for Zurich / Switzerland?
    Is there a box on the page?

  9. Hey!
    I am wondering if it’s possible to receive ECTS credits participating in the meting, is it?

  10. Dear all!

    We are very glad to tell you that the application for the ELASA Meeting in Switzerland in June will be opened this Friday 8 April 2011 at 20 p.m on our homepage. The application will be opened till 18 April 2011.
    Applicants will be chosen upon in order of applying (the sooner, the better) and in a way that there are as many countries represented as possible. There will also be a waiting list in case some of the participants will be unable to attend.

    The meeting will start on Friday 24 June 2011 in Zurich and end on Wednesday 29 June 2011 in Zurich.

    Please notify that the IFLA Ticket is included in our meeting fee, if you do already have an IFLA ticket, you can also apply for the meeting and we try to find a solution.

    “Morph that thing”
    We are living in a world that changes: with our topic “Morph that thing” we will try to find different influences on what can change landscape.
    You can read more about the event at

    Hope to see you in June!

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