Dear Elasians,

I trust this finds you all well and energised for the upcoming year. I’m writing to you here from the UK, just about having had a chance to recover from the Annual Meeting in Romania- quite simply it was MASSIVELY amazing! I’m sure that you will hear more from the organisers about the event, if not from fellow friends and course mates before too long, if not, ask! But in sure a MASSIVE thank you to all the organisers from Timisoara, Romania for their stamina, patience, enthusiasm and great banter. You all did a phenomenal job regardless of what was thrown at you! Thank you.7829_126533695679_803850679_2357992_1212319_n

7829_126533730679_803850679_2357996_7019537_nI also wanted to email you all briefly to let you know about the main outcomes of the Reps meeting and to raise a few thoughts that we had in relation to ensuring ELASA’s healthy and strong future.

So… Firstly you will receive another beautifully written Annual Report from me soon (supported by Reps meeting minutes from Paul Diehl from Germany). I hope that this will give you a good detailed outline of ELASA this year and of course I will circulate a draft first in order for people to make any contributions they wish. There are of course areas of ELASA that I have not had any involvement in this year so will appreciate contributions (mainly LE:NOTRE, ECLAS etc).

THE EXCITING BIT….. It was decided that the 2010 Mini meeting will be held in the UK (most likely Edinburough). Myself and Nicolas will work our hardest to provide you with an exciting (and cheap as possible!) programme here in the UK in the slightly reduced timescale we have to organise.

The 2011 Annual Meeting will be held in…..GERMANY. A fantastically strong appearance from Munich this year meant we were able to decide very quickly that this will be a great country to host and look forward to an exciting programme.

Reminder Annual meeting 2010- Latvia

Without making this too long (and to encourage you to read the annual report!) the last thing that I wanted to mention was in relation to ensuring ELASAs strong and successful future. I’m sure you’ll agree this year has been a little unsettled, whether it’s to do with global finances, politics, or simply unavoidable circumstances. However it is important we move forward and support each other. I would like to call on everyone to take a little more responsibility for the future of ELASA, particularly in tougher financial times. If you can offer advice, ideas on sponsorship for meetings, ideas on guest speakers, experience from organising previous meetings etc etc, please do so if you are asked. The spirit of ELASA rests on the enthusiasm of its members so please help in any way you can.

So, here’s to a continued happy, healthy and strong ELASA where we continue to represent ourselves and our countries within the world of Landscape.

Best of luck to you all wherever you are, of course you will hear from me again soon!

7829_126533845679_803850679_2358013_5479368_nPS: Photos by Lukasz