Share media

After the meeting there is always the question about sharing our pictures. As we all know there are many ways to share our media from meetings, the easiest way is to send by post. But we are living in the 21 century and there are better ways to do this!

 ELASA has several accounts, just choose the best way!

  •  There are account for us (ELASA1) and there will be groups for each meeting, e.g. ‘ ELASA romania 2oo9‘. So feel free to join and share!
  • And there is also Picasa Web Albums where I couldn’t find any way to create group, pool or some thing to connect participants of ELASA meetings, but you can still share there and make them public.
  • The last and probably the best way is to use in order to share full size images, videos or almost anything. There is 25 GB free online space. Those of us who already have or as E-mail accounts can use it right away. Just login to with your user name. Other will have to register. The best thing about this service is that it is possible to share full size pictures with all participants. After the meeting the account and the password will be sent to everyone.

Here are some steps.


New Picture1


New Picture (11)


New Picture (21)


New Picture (31)

PS: It is also easier to upload to through Internet Explorer 8 and don’t forget to change upload quality to ‘original’  before upload. 😉

this is until I work out way to have unlimited web space for us.