I’d like to thank all those who have supported us in some way as we continue to work hard to organise the ELASA minimeeting ‘Back to Basics’ to be held in Edinburgh this April- a great opportunity to showcase Landscape Architecture in the UK (This event has not occurred in the UK since 1995, and never before in Scotland). We are excited to announce that our website went live last week, and continues to evolve.

Visit it here:


Applications have also opened and will remain open for the next week, places are filling rapidly and we are very pleased with the range of students from all over Europe who will attend.

So far, as part of our diverse programme we can confirm:

  • A day workshop in collaboration with NEA (North Edinburgh Arts) and the regeneration of Muirhouse led by Cit of Edinburgh Council through their 21st Century Homes programme. Participants will design and build a series of installations and performance spaces from 230m2 of turf donated by Lindum. This day workshop will also be open to an additional 40 UKstudents

  • Guest Lecture from Eelco Hooftman, founder and director of Gross Max Landscape Architects

  • Lectures from horticulturalists from the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

  • Workshops led by leading artist Donald Urquhart

  • Workshops led by sculptor Lara Greene

  • Final Exhibition showcasing the minimeeting to be held at Edinbugh College of Art on the 19th April

We continue to seek financial support to help us meet the costs on the meeting and offer the lowest possible fee to participants, ensuring it is as inclusive as possible. If you or your organisation are able to contribute further, please do not hesitate to contact me. Visit out sponsors page at: http://uk2010.elasa.org/more/sponsors

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Many thanks

Rowan Longhurst

ELASA 2010 Coordinator