ELASA Annual Meeting 2012 – Belgium

It was about time for us to inform all you Elasians about the upcomming annual meeting taking place this summer in Belgium. Our sincere apologies for the lack of communication so far…

Initially a full twelve day program was worked out, but since the past months have been somewhat hectic for us we faced some delays and difficulties in organising this meeting. I was drenched with things to do for work, and for the other organisers it was their last year of study in Landscape Architecture where a final design project + thesis had to be finished. I am glad to tell all this has been succesfully finished. They ‘ve gotten their diploma last Monday (hurray!) and I don’t have any job obligations until after the annual meeting.

To make sure this meeting is successful we had to take the hard decision this week to shorten it, as budget-wise it would not have been realistic. The meeting will take place from Friday the 17th of August until Friday the 24th of August. The meeting will start in Ghent, and take us to the cities Ypres, Ostend, Antwerp and will finally end in Brussels. The theme of the annual meeting – fitting to our somewhat bizar country – was decided in the summer of 2011 to be ‘Surrealistic Landscapes’. We’ll be able to pick up on some art festivals taking place this summer like Track and Beaufort04, of which you might already have seen fragments passing on sites as Inhabitat and Designboom.

The annual meeting 2012 website with all the information containing the full program will be up by the end of this week, and the poster will be distributed. The registration for the meeting will be opened by the end of next week.

The ELASA organisational team 2012!