ELASA Edinburgh 2010 minimeeting webpage is now live


We are pleased to announce the ELASA Edinburgh 2010 minimeeting webpage is now live and can be visited at: http://uk2010.elasa.org/
Applications will open VERY SHORTLY and will be done online from the website. Apologies for the delay as we finalise budgets and programmes. We will announce the opening of the applications on the mailing list as well as circulating a poster for you to publicise the meeting in your schools. We hope that you have the date saved and will be able to come. It’s going to be fantastic, with an action packed, dynamic programme!
Please also help to raise our profile, encourage sponsors and keep in touch by following:
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=332477828332&ref=mf (or search ELASA Edinburgh 2010)
More to follow very soon

The ELASA Edinburgh 2010 Team

2 thoughts on “ELASA Edinburgh 2010 minimeeting webpage is now live

  1. Hi,
    I have already sent my application to you. Would like to ask, if its a problem to visit meeting , if I´m officially not student anymore. I graduated last year in summer. In spite of this, i would be very glad to come. I still feel like a student,because I just left university and I´m still learning and try to understand to many things. Hope it will be not obstacle.

    yours sincerely Miroslav Naď

  2. Hi!
    That is no problem at all, but you still have to wait till organizers publish participants list, which should happen within few days.

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