FUTUREPERFECT, The Scandinavian Festival of New Sustainable Living, 28–31 July 2011, Karlstad, Sweden

 FUTUREPERFECTThis is the first festival of sustainable living of its kind in Europe aimed at the general public and new generations of socially-engaged professionals, rather than campaigners. – And for the first time in a festival context; forums, seminars, hands-on workshops, all give inspiration – in which music, art, film and more creates an exciting, experiential environment.

Futureperfect welcomes Titiyo, John Thackara, Carolyn Steel, a range of previous TED speakers, and many other stars from music, art, and sustainable design to showcase the present and future of good living in a brand new festival setting, supported by Karlstads Kommun. 

Musical headlines include Titiyo, Goran Kajfeš, Wendy Mcniell, Parken, Jennie Abrahamson, Loney Dear, Asha Ali, Bob Hansson and many more bands from Sweden, Denmark and elsewhere. Among other acts Futureperfect welcomes Norway’s Sandra Kolstad and from Denmark, The Romanian Empire. 

The topics range across nature conservation, food, globalisation, education, architecure, landscape, urbanism and design, and much more. The format of exploration is discussion-based forums and seminars and hands-on workshops including cooking, design tools, gardening and activism. The event includes ‘CoCreation’ program designed to enable collaboration, innovation and project-development during the event itself. There is also a special program just for kids, called Small Planet! 

Futureperfect, The Scandinavian Festival of New Sustainable Living, set to take place in Molkom, near Karlstad, Sweden 28-31 July, presents the first edition of its program today. It offers a whole new way to experience the positive potentials of sustainable living, everyday. 

Tickets 1450, 800, 500 SEK including organic food for three days! 

For the more information check out the website http://futureperfect.se