Hello elasians!!!

Hello everybody elasa.org is back but under another address elasa.host56.com it is because of some major security issue with previous host-server. And this address elasa.host56.com will remain until we either move it back to previous server after all problems are solved there or change domain name on this one.

Now what we got here. For those who are familiar with bloging it is easy to notice that our site are now based upon WordPress bloging system which make it easy to:

  • add new articles and pages – keep it up-to-date
  • register admins, authors and/or users
  • change appearance
  • and expand in a ways we need it

Right now not all parts are finished yet it is just beginning so check the site sometime. You can also suggest some ideas and I will make something like wish list so we can decide together which one we should realize.

Also if some one is wary good at coding and have tons of time maybe he/she wants to build custom site template for elasa.org or modify existing one (Atahualpa) just get in touch with elasa webmasters.

Until then we can change default header images (images which changes when you click something in site) to more relevant ones. So I suggest to do some thing like little competition where we decide about best header images. You send images to us (elasawebteam[at]gmail.com) and We post them in separate page where You can vote fore them. Size can be changed but I think it is better if we all stay with one 150×1280 px. And I have to remind You to use only your own images and if there are some persons face visible You should get permission to use that picture. Pictures can be photos from past elasa meeting or something else connected with ELASA

If you have any questions ask in comments or use elasawebteam[at]gmail.com or mailing-list



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