Annual Meeting: Great Britain 1995

For the sixth annual ELASA conference, nearly one hundred students from 21 countries descended on Cheltenham in the UK.

The conference took place from the 13th to the 19th of May 1995, beginning with a two day Reps’ meeting, where progress was made on issues affecting landscape architecture students. The remaining five days were both fun packed and educational. Many workshops, visits and lectures took place on the theme of “Sustainability in the Landscape”, examining the past, present and the future of sustainable design.

Out of the whole programme, the workshop day was the most challenging to organise, but was one of the most enjoyable for those taking part. Memorable images from this day include the ELASA mural, the models created by the children designing their school playground, the plaster cast of Peter’s body made into a landscape, and the new sustainable plan for greening Cheltenham.


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