Annual Meeting: Hungary 1991


On the 4th April 1991 a number of landscape architect students arrived to Budapest from Europe on the invitation of their Hungarian colleagues. Hungary organized the second meeting of the European Landscape Architect Students’ Association (ELASA).

Many of the 71 students had met last year in Lisboa and Evora, Portugal. In Evora in 1990 80 European L.A. students founded ELASA. They issued a statement and a questionnarie which those had to fill and sign and return to Portugal who were chosen as representatives for their country. In the following year these students became the contact persons for their country. The Association of Hungarian L.A. Students asked every country to send two representatives from each country who were given full board during their visit to Hungary, staying with families. AII other participants stayed in halls of colleges.

Last year in Evora it was decided at the representatives’ meeting that ELASA would meet annually. When the question concerning the following meeting was put forth we said we would organise it provided our colleagues and the University back at home agreed. On returning everyone applauded to the idea of organising the 1991 ELASA meeting. So eventually we started at it.

First we founded the Association of Hungarian L.A. Students and thus, as an organization it became far easier to find sponsors, to open an ‘official’ bank account, etc. lt was hard to find sponsors however, because of the financial situation of the country at present, we were canvassing at the wrong moment… Finally we managed to raise the amount necessary for the meeting with the help of Hungarian firms and foreign colleagues.