Annual Meeting: Hungary 1991

Summary of the Representatives’ Meeting

On the very last day the representatives’ forum summarised its work.

  • constitution: see final version on a seperate page
  • communication centre:
    • the location of it will be in Spain, who needs a room, staff and facilities.
    • every country should send to the centre the filled questionnaire containing, as discussed, information on the schools, schedules, studies, the addresses of contact persons, etc.
    • all further information should be sent there about job possibilities in every country, information about international competitions, workshops, exchanges, meetings.
  • working abroad: this group had three suggestions:
    • every country should be responsible for having a list of available jobs – then people from other countries can contact the organization in the country, or the ELASA contact person who should send them this list.
    • ELASA should contact IAESTE or IAAS in each country and ask them for assistance.
    • people should be able to find jobs abroad through the communication centre. The forum agreed with the third variation. We hope that Spain will be able to start working before the next meeting.
  • missing countries:
    • countries who haven’t participated yet: Turkey, Finland, Rumania, Italy, Greece, Albania, Iceland, Wales and Ireland. We have contacts with Turkey, they couldn’t come only because of an unfortunate accident.
    • countries who didn’t come this year but were there in Portugal last year: Holland and England
  • contacts and next meeting: This group wrote a letter to contact the schools that were not represented. They explained what happened in this meeting, the creation of ELASA, the next meeting, contacts with IFLA, EFLA and ECUL; the communication centre and the working/studying possibilities abroad. There was made a list of all the contacts, schools and representatives. Switzerland and Poland proposed to organise the 1992 meeting. We finally decided that Switzerland would have the priority but in case they are not able to organize it, they are to inform Poland and the other countries.

The name of the organization was originally ELSA (European Landscape Students’ Association) but in Budapest we decided it was appropriate to add the word ‘Architect’.

ELASA is sending representatives to the EFLA congress in Brussels and also to the IFLA congress in Columbia.

Miss Christina Coelho from Portugal was elected the chairman of ELASA until the 1992 meeting in Switzerland. Her address is: Rua Cidade Joao Belo, II. R/C 1800 LISBOA