Annual Meeting: Hungary 1991


When we first founded the Association of Hungarian L.A. Students, we had no money at all and even during the following months we had to rely on the membership fees collected from our students. Also, the University helped us, we were allowed to use the photocopier free and all our postal fares were payed by them.

We founded the Association in the autumn but our search for sponsors and all other practical work didn’t start until December. It was rather difficult to find sponsors. There were several reasons for this. Firstly the changes that have happened in Hungary, the poor financial conditions made it difficult.Secondly because landscape architecture and environmental protection in Hungary are still rather neglected and hence people aren’t interested in giving money for their development.

Still there were a few to whom we owe special thanks:

  • Ministry for Environment and Regional Policy (150000 Ft)
  • Agrobank Rt (100000 Ft)
  • Lian (50000 Ft)
  • Silvanus (15000 Ft)
  • Hermes (50000 Ft)
  • Wallitrade (50000 Ft)

We also gratefully thank all our foreign student colleagues who financially helped the 1991 ELASA meeting and with their presente helped to make it a great success: Swltzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Gemany, Norway.