Annual Meeting: Hungary 1991


1st day – 4th April, Thursday

We set up the information centre and our headquater in the main hall of one of the University buildings. This was where everyone arrived with huge backpacks and where the exhibition of foreign and Hungarian students’ works was set up. In the evening we held an introductory party on stage… We taught Hungarian folk dances to the participants, which was followed by rock and roll and disco.

2nd day – 5th April, Friday

The representatives’ meeting was held from 10 o’clock with the participation of two representatives from every country. Parallely with this the others – non-representatives – went on a tour of the city led by one of our students. The representatives took their turn at night instead of sleeping… In the afternoon the University’s new rector, professor Mihaly Mocsenyi and Dr. Gabor Szabo from the Ministry for Environment and Regional Policy gave a lecture. In the evening we continued the representatives’ meeting.

3rd day – 6th April, Saturday

In the morning most of the students visited some of Budapest’s green areas. During the afternoon the forum continued and parallely an environmental protection workshop was on. In the evening a concert was held in the main hall where renaissance and baroque music was played. This was followed by the performance of a pantomime group and a general party with lots of food and drink.

4th day – 7th April, Sunday

Two buses left the University for the Danube band. One had an English guide, the other a German one, for those who managed to get up for the 8 o’clock departure. We visited the open air folklore museum in Szentendre, the royal palace in Visegrad. We saw the uncompleted hydroelectric power plant on the Danube and later, the basilica in Esztergom. We broke our trip in several historically important places. lt was a delightful, yet tiring day.

5th day – 8th April, Monday

In the morning the last phase of the representatives’ meeting was held. ln the afternoon we planted a tree according to the ‘tradition’, then the newly joined members (USSR and Belgium) gave a lecture on their own country, also France and Poland had brought an interesting collection of slides. In the evening there was another projection – slides taken during the meeting. We then danced until very late to finish the 1991 ELASA meeting.

6th day – 9th April, Tuesday

The last breakfast at the University for those who hadn’t left yet and everyone then returned home.