Annual Meeting: Norway 1994

List of participants to ELASA ’94

Karin Braun, Lerchenfeldergürtel 3/2/7, 1160 WIEN, Tel 0222 492 83 38
Bettina Scheiderbauer, Preysingg. 37/12 A, 1150 WIEN, Tel 0222 92 94 94
Daniel Zimmermann, Maurer Lange G. 25/2/1, Tel 1 88 31 44
Michael Thomas, Schwarzenbergstrasse 817, A-1010 WIEN, Tel 0043 1 5125832

Diljana Tasheva, “Samuil” No.15B, BOURGAS 8000, Tel 056 294 86
Kalina Georgiev Todorova,Bul. “Kl. Ohridski” Bl. 9,5, Ap. 107, SOFIA 1756, Tel 092 75 80 98

Monica Bizikova, Valtica 538, 69144 LEDNICE

Marie-Louise Wanscher, Sankt Thomas All 1 4th, DK-1824 FREDRIKSBERG C, Tel 45 31 21 58 21
Ulla Schiøth, J.M. Thielesvej 9.1.4, 1961 FREDRIKSBERG C

Nicolas Prieur, 1, Rue de la cour des Aides, 33 000 BORDEAUX
Dominic Chotard, 4, Rue Saint-Vincent, 49 610 HURD-ERIGNE

Dirk Wiedenstritt, Meineckstr. 19,0-5023 ERFURT, Tel 0171 4219 741
Larissa Ermel, Im Vogelsang 15, 72622 NURTINGEN, Tel 070 2252 770
Ursula Binder, Langepoint 33-103, 85 354 FREISNIG, Tel 08161 50 239
Friederike Pointner, Munchnerstr. 19a, 85435 ERDING, Tel 08122 92744
Nicole Preussner, Leipzigerstr. 77, 99085 ERFURT, Tel 0361 56 11 486

Polgar Judit, Trencsenyi utca 28/b, 1125 BUDAPEST
Szalkai Adrienn, Janoskuti &brkbar;t 5, 2500 ESZTERGOM
Kun Zoltan, Szuret utca 2-18, 1118 BUDAPEST
Schmidt Hajnalka, Margar ta utca 19, 1126 BUDAPEST, Tel 36 1 2027282
Szloszjar Gyorgy, Rabai utca 12.1/4, 5600 BEKESCSABA, Tel 36 66 324 817
Vastagh Gabi, Petenyi ut 11/b D, 1122 BUDAPEST
Hencz Helga, Szuret utca 2-18, 1118 BUDAPEST
Stefler Istvan, Csikshegyek utca 5, 1118 BUDAPEST

Grazina Seskeviciute, Erfurto 60-84, 2043 VILNIUS
Eglè Navickaitè, Zirmunu 24-73, 2051 VILNIUS

Arjan van de Lindeloof, Nudestraat 3, 6701 CC WAGENINGEN, Tel 8370 13 659
Abe Veenstra, Dijkgraaf 4-2a, 6708 PG WAGENINGEN, Tel 8370 226 07
John Boon, H. Koningens Bergerstraat 236, 1063 AK AMSTERDAM, Tel 20 611 32 99
Joanne Lijbers, Malakkastraat 3, 3531 HM UTRECHT Tel 030 965 774
Michel van Unen, Waalstr. 20-4, 6826 BR ARNHEM
Karen de Groot, Vechtstr. 8-4, 6826?? ARNHEM

Maria Thøgersen, Postboks 984, 1432 ÅS
Geir Pettersen, Postboks 832, 1432 ÅS, Tel +47 64 94 98 87
Ive Haugeland, Postboks 717, 1432 ÅS, Tel +47 64 94 99 57
Ole Andre Sætre, Postboks 820, 1432 ÅS
Katrine Myklestad Postboks 712, 1432 ÅS
Morten Klokkersveen, Postboks 605, 1432 ÅS
Hanne Margrethe Sørsdal, Postboks 1001, 1432 ÅS
Lars Teien, Postboks 984, 1432 ÅS
Kjersti Nummedal, Postboks 516, 1432 ÅS
Kristin Aarskog, Postboks 173, 1432 ÅS
Merete Gunnes, Postboks 403, 1432 ÅS
Kristin Berg, Postboks 511, 1432 ÅS
Svein S. Hanssen, Postboks 435, 1432 ÅS
Lars Berge, Postboks 256, 1432 ÅS
Ingrid Sandberg, Postboks 972, 1432 ÅS
Aslaug Norendal, Postboks 516, 1432 ÅS
Cecilie Kinstad, Gardebakken 23, 1900 FETSUND
Trond Heggem, Postboks 496, 1432 ÅS
Ida Helen Tørud, Postboks 1018, 1432 ÅS
Tonje Værdal, Postboks 1049, 1432 ÅS
Ingrid Bengtsson, Postboks 211, 1432 ÅS
Marte Tørud, Postboks 999, 1432 ÅS
Malin H Andreassen, Postboks 502, 1432 ÅS
Anne B. Njarga, Postboks 782, 1432 ÅS
Margit Opsahl, Postboks 795, 1432 ÅS
Frode Degvold, Postboks 271, 1432 ÅS
Nina Marie Karlsø Postboks 609, 1432 ÅS
Kaja L. Hansen, Postboks 650, 1432 ÅS
Yngvild Meinseth, Postboks 706, 1432 ÅS
Jarle Skjold, Postboks 904, 1432 ÅS
Ingrid Beate Opdal, Postboks 821, 1432 ÅS
Kari Monstad, Postboks 728, 1432 ÅS
Siri A. Aurstad, Postboks 175, 1432 ÅS
Guro B. Abrahamsen, Postboks 174, 1432 ÅS
Patrick Olstad, 11036 Pinzon Way, SAN DIEGO, CA 92127, USA

Dorota Rudawa, Ul. Przyrzecze 39, 05-510 KONSTANCIN
Barbara Krzeymniska, Ul.Kleczewska53/1, 01-826 WARSZAWA
Katarzyna Piotrowska, Ul Biakstocka 7/106, 03- 741 WARSZAWA
Anna Baszynska, Ul. Soczi 8/53, 02-760 WARSZAWA, Tel 42 81 00
Jolanta Jabkonska, Ul. Staszica 27, 06-100 PULTUSK WOJ. CIECHANOWSKIE

fax:7095 292 6511, box 14152 for MALAM
Ilya Mochalov, Sadovaya 19-1, Bolshevo -2, 141090 MOSCOW REGION, Tel 7095 515 6383
Dmitri Bondarenko, Jubileiny MKR. 3. 9-11, 141080 MOSCOW REGION, Tel 7095 515 2623
Alexei Pertsouhov, Jubileiny MKR. 3. 13-193, 141080 MOSCOW REGION, Tel 7095 515 3456
Vladimir Verchovyl, Primorski Pr. 151-39, ST. PETERSBURG, Tel 7812 288 2034

Robert Gostincar, Preglov TRG 11, 61120 LJUBLJANA, Tel 38 66 11 40 60 32
Sefa Recer, Betnavska 129, 6200 MARIBOR, Tel 38 66 23 73 26
Marco Sustersic,Igriska 83,62000 MARIBOR, Tel 38 66 23 58 85
Babara Jakopic, Ronza Dolina c. XVII/4, 61000 LJUBLJANA
Irena Nartnik, Vnanje Gorice 37, 61357 NOTRANJE GORICE
Peter Skofic, Partizanska 2, 61230 DOMZALE
Ziva Jelnikar, Bergantova 3, 61234 MENGES

Nicole Saiscoff, Flygelv. 6, 224 72 LUND, Tel 46 46 12 98 09, Fax 46 40 46 50 72
Poa Hellquist, Gimlev. 16, 182 33 DANDERYD, Tel 46 87 53 22 68 (parents), Tel 46 18 50 20 06

Claudia Moll, Kornhausstr. 55, 8037 ZURICH, Tel 41 13 63 05 89
Sandro Balliana, Bolligenstrasse 16, 3006 BERNE, Tel 31 332 97 88
Raymond Buillard, Neue Jonastrasse 113, CH-8640 RAPPERSWILL
Sabina Kaufmann, Motorenstrasse 127, 8621 WETZIKON, Tel 41 (0) 932 53 54
Blaise Bourgeois, 10 ch des Tourtereller, 1226 THONEX
Patrick Riggenbach, Wangentalstr. 209, CH- 3173 OBERVANGEN, Tel 31 981 13 42

Simon Lisney,6 Princes Buildings Georges str., Bath BA 2E
Liz Turner, Patchwork Cottage, Tytherington, Wotton- Under- Edge, GLOS. GL 12 8 JH
Clare Thomas, 1,Savey Lane, Yoxall, STAFFORTDSHIRE, DE13 8PD
Zoe Starbuck, 9,Winfield Grove, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS2 9BB
Greg Thomas,c/o Dept. of Countryside & Landscape,Cheltenham & Glouchester College of H. E.
Friedrich Wittmann,Top Floor Right, 39 Mountague Street, EDINBURGH EH8 9SQ, Tel 031 668 4969
Jo Durham, c/o Dep. of Town & Country Planning, Newcastle University, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE

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  5. No tenemos constancia de una reunión de este tipo en Málaga, pero investigaremos al respecto e informaremos de cualquier novedad. Agradecemos el interés mostrado y cualquier información que podáis facilitarnos.

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