first initiative: Portugal 1990

Working Groups Conclusions

After a general discussion, with the presence of IAAS, IFLA and ELEE representatives, the participants divided in groups. These groups would discuss their specific themes, until the presentation of their conclusions to the General Assembly which meant the closing of the working sessions for this meeting. The chosen subjects express the primary needs for an international organization facing an Europe in a crescent opening process:

  1. Information Network
  2. Education Exchanges
  3. Working Abroad
  4. Future Events

Information Network

Until the next meeting there’s no accummulation of information so only then will be chosen the location of our future information center. In the meantime each representative shall study in his own country the possibilities to hold this information center. Everyone should gather information about the possible equipage, and must at least obtain the access to means of receiving fast messages. The human aspect is basic so a team must be formed before coming up with any proposal.

The European Meeting Representatives shall obtain a panel in their school with the identification of the European Meeting (or European Landscape Students Association – or their own association id.) and also exhibiting their names, in order to divulge the information and to become possible for any person to know who they are and how to get in touch with them.

Education Exchanges

The student exchanges don’t work effectively for the lack of information, mainly on what concerns to equivalence of studies.

The aim is gathering several information in order to proceed with the discussion around this subject on our next meeting.

Working abroad

Several specific problems were also observed, so the gathering of information on each country is indispensable to allow a wider discussion on the next meeting.

Future Events

There are two kinds of events among students:

  1. Professional practice
    • Contests
    • Projects (ELEE, PAMPUS)
    • Exhibitions
  2. Discussion of the profession or its teaching
    • General meetings (like the EMLAS or the German language countries students meeting)
    • Representatives meetings (the next one)

The first ones come up naturally but feel for the lack of:

  • coordination (of meetings and of students disponsibilities)
  • contacts – for divulgation, for technical support, etc.
  • information about financing sources

This way, it’s necessary to establish an alive administrative structure, in order to support the first and to promote the last.

The creation of an information center is indispensable to cover the pointed needs and to allow an effective communication among L.A. students.