first initiative: Portugal 1990


Several state departments, foundations and other institutions, many big enterprises and all the bank and insurance companies were approached for funds.

Hundreds of letters were sent and a large team assisted on several interviews to apply for funds and to gather sponsors.

The 340 contos (approx. 20000 ecu) missing in the end include the debts the association maintains with several members and expenses still to be paid to some dealers and institutions.

Unfortunately the accounting is still open since mailing and documentation expenses didn’t cease yet.

Summarizing the accounting of the European Meeting (still an opened question) comes, approximately:


publicity supports 300.000,00
articles sold/ registrations 45.000,00
support from Fundação Eugénio de Almeida 150.000,00
TOTAL 495.000,00

Logistic Supports

transports (ISA, UE, CME) 500.000,00
meals (CMD, CME, UE, CMJ) 700.000,00
copies (CCRA, CME) 100.000,00
telecommunications (CCRA, APAP) 150.000,00
accomodation (UE) 80.000,00
facilities and equipments (UE) 400.000,00
TOTAL 1.880.000,00


post 80.000,00
telecommunications 70.000,00
transports 50.000,00
fuel 95.000,00
meals/ other expenses 100.000,00
sweat shirts with publicity 80.000,00
design and printing of poster 150.000,00
photocopies 45.000,00
office and graphics 40.000,00
photo and video 30.000,00
representation 20.000,00
accomodation (Youth Hostel) 65.000,00
TOTAL 825.000,00

DIFFERENCE: -330.000,00


Members 250.000,00
Designer 50.000,00
Loc. 30.000,00
TOTAL 330.000,00