Mini-meeting: Great Britain 2010


The mini-meeting in 2010 took place in Edinburgh – the first time the event has been hosted in the UK since 1995. From the 15th until 19th April, despite the best efforts of Icelandic geology, more than 50 European students from have been taking part around the theme “Back to Basics”. The participants were challenged to return back to the core skills, processes and tools of the landscape architecture profession. For example, students were encouraged to use the traditional pencil and sketchbook to record their experiences of open spaces.

The programme was split between Edinburgh and the rural highlands around Aberfeldy. A series of workshops, lectures and discussions aimed to challenge the students to explore new and old ways of working.

There was also a collaboration with the North Edinburgh Arts Centre and as part of the programme, ELASA members gave the lead on designing and installing a series of green spaces. In addition, an area of a local shopping centre was grassed using Lindum Turf, to be used to form a stage for events.

For more pictures about the event, also have a look on the flickr website.

And check the publication about the meeting in Landscape Research Extra 53 and other published news.

Landscape Research Extra 53

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