Annual Meeting: Hungary 2008

 The annual meeting was held in Hungary from 24th – 5th September 2008. It was organised by students from the Corvinus University of Budapest. The topic was ‘Nomad No_made’ Landscape and 46 participants from 15 countries attended this meeting.

Considering the main theme, participants were introduced to the development of Hungarian settlements, the different types of landscapes and their state and roles in landscape architecture in the 21st century. The programme was incredibly varied and offered visits to local and historical sites and natural attractions, in addition there were lectures and workshop exercises.

In total over 1200 km where travelled during the meeting and followed a circuit of the country: BUDAPEST – HORTOBÁGY (the Hungarian Puszta) – TOKAJ (home of the famous sweet wine) – PÉCS (European Capital of Culture, 2010) – BALATON- FELVIDÉK (the famous Hungarian lake district) – BAKONY – NAGYMAROS (the bend of the Danube) – BUDAPEST.

The conference was introduced in Budapest where a series of trips and visits to local landscape schemes offered a taste of the interesting and unique sites within the city. But participants also learnt a lot about the country itself and the  diverse programme offered participants an in depth understanding of the development of the country from its first nomadic settlers to the present day. Such knowledge and understanding of the country and its heritage enabled participants to fully comprehend the cultural, geographic and political influences that have shaped its culture and varied landscape. Also t

 In Pecs (the European capital of culture 2010) participants carried out a design project. Within multinational groups they had to tackle the issues relating to a site within the city and present their ideas and proposals to University professors.







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