Mini-meeting: Poland 2012

Polish logoThe topic of the autumn mini-meeting in Poland was ‘MISSION: settle yourself!’. The main topic of our project was human emotional attachment to its living place. We wanted to highlight the abilities that come with use of vegetation in designing urban spaces and think how to use urban space in creating a positive image of the city as well as in creating general identity of society.

The meeting started in Wrocław but just the next day we moved to Wałbrzych. On the way we saw the castel of Książ with its gardens and the palm house. In Wałbrzych we spent some time to get familiar to the city surrounded with mountains and with a great industrial history. We focused on how to bring life to a coal storage yard which is not used anymore. Our designs showed the solutions and ideas about this terrain. On the way back we stopped in Wojsławice to visit the arboretum and spent the evening face to face with polish culture.

Mini Meeting Poland PierogiThe second part of the meeting took place in Wrocław. The first day we saw the Centennial Hall with Szczytnicki Park and the Japanese Garden and listened to some lecture about the history of the park and also we had a great opportunity to get informed about ‘what is ELASA?’

We focused on the problem of the backyards in the district of Wrocław located by Odra river called Nadodrze. First we got informed about the problems of the district and what ways different organizations were trying to solve them. Then we saw the backyards and started with the designs and ideas how to make people feel like home on their backyards.

Mini Meeting Poland MuralThe highlight of the meeting was painting the mural which took place the last day. With a help of a professional group (Kolektyf Group) we painted the mural along the wall of one of the backyards of Nadodrze and made planters for the plants. Some of the inhabitants also took part in it. We had a lot of fun, colours and shapes and… there it is! Come to see it in Wrocław!

All our designs were presented in the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław, The Angelus Silesius State School of Higher Vocational Education and Infopunkt Łokietka 5 (the organization involved in the cultural life in Nadodrze district).

After the last night we spent celebrating in the city center of Wrocław everyone returned home with good memories and one or more bottles of Żubrówka.

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