Mini-meeting: Serbia 2012

Mini-Meeting, Serbia
22 – 28th April 2012

The topic of the spring mini-meeting in Serbia was “Resymbolising”. In a country that changes its name every couple of decades and its political status, it was very challenging to try reading symbols in landscape in the new contemporary way. Thirty five students from 12 countries took part and visited two biggest cities in Serbia: Belgrade and Novi Sad and their greatest symbols.
In Belgrade students visited two sites: mountains Avala and Kosmaj, and enjoyed in analyzing the communist symbols: “The Monument of Unknown Hero”, “Avala tower” and monument “Steel star”. In Novi Sad students got familiar with “Petrovaradin” fortress, and mountain “Fruska gora” and natural resort “Zasavica” as well. The focus of the meeting was researching the interventions that would be appropriate in these landscapes, in order to be able to answer the expectations of new users.
Trough workshops and installations, the participants gave their own view of genius loci in recreating the symbols of new meaning.


  • Day 1: 22 April 2012

Participants arrived in Belgrade to meet at the hostel. The participants were given a guided tour of the city center – the oldest and the most beautiful part of town. The guided tour was successfully finalized in pub with cheers for welcome.

  • Day 2: 23 April 2012

First trip called “Return of the Pioneers!“. Mountain Avala with its comunistic monument of Unknown Hero and tower, occupied the attention of participants. Later, the trip was continued to mountain Kosmaj were the students started to get to know the site and its monument Steel star. First workshop considered the first impressions of site that were represented through abstract 3d models. The night on the mountain was worming up with goulash and drinks beside fire.

  • Day 3: 24 April 2012

After great discussion which was developed after two inspirational lectures by teaching assistants: Andreja Tutundzic and Milena Putnik, the participants started to do workshop on two locations: on the ruins of monastery “Kastaljan” and beside monument “The Steel star”. Fabulous outputs through symbolical interventions on the sites showed that users of today could successfully read the landscape of the past and put it in context of today as well, and further more- in context of the future. We all together planted a tree before returning to Belgrade. The rest of the day was spent in sharing the impressions of the day
during the fabulous international evening.

  • Day 4: 25 April 2012

Arrival in the second largest city in Serbia: Novi Sad, famous by its multicultural values and tradition. The sightseeing started with introduction of faculty campus, where was opened retrospective exhibition of Fourth Landscape Architecture Exhibition which is organized every second year by Serbian Association of Landscape Architects – SALA. The guided tour toward “Petrovaradin” fortress was continued with opening word “What is Elasa” by Joelle Hofer and Rowan Longhurst, and later on with lecture by professor Ed Bennis, in the amphitheatre of the faculty. The day was successfully ended during dinner and party after that.

  • Day 5: 26 April 2012

Introduction to a workshop started with lecture by professor Ksenija Hil, about revitalizing old memorials and old places. The participants did small projects on several locations within the fortress which involved creative and innovative ideas. After the REPS meeting the students visited a winery of the faculty and a charming little town Sremski Karlovci, enjoying free time after that.

  • Day 6: 27 April 2012

The day was reserved for the whole-day field trip to the authentic parts of landscapes and places: to the natural resort “Zasavica”, mountain “ Fruska gora” where professor Klara Marjanusic held lecture in the hotel “Norcev” . The evening was pleasantly spent in the monastery on the mountain and after that was continued in the hostel in Novi Sad, where was organized goodbye party with the awarding of certificates for the participants.

  • Day 7: 28 April 2012

Return to Belgrade. Before goodbye, the final exhibition was opened in the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia. It was exhibition of all these happenings that took place during this meeting and it is going to be held during May and June in different professional institutions.

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