Mini-meeting: Switzerland 2011



25-27th June 2011


The second mini-meeting in Switzerland is just over and left some beautiful memories about Swiss landscape, various interesting open spaces and summer nights at the Zurich lake.

For the first time of ELASA history there are three meeting in one year. Because of the IFLA-Congress this meeting was special because not only europeans took part, but also international students from all over the world. This meetings topic was: “MORPH THAT THING!”.  We all live in a world that changes. Glacier and water morph mountainous regions. Dwellings morph cultural landscapes. In the end participants from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, UK and the United States of America meet in Zurich. 

One thought on “Mini-meeting: Switzerland 2011

  1. what a beautiful job. these clehtos are beyond adorable, and the way you displayed them in the midst of such lovely connection, locations and sweet faces makes them shine.

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