Mini-meeting: Slovenia 2011



Winescapes – Taste some!

 25th – 30th March 2011


The topic of this year mini-meeting in Ljubljana was “Winescapes – Taste some.” and it was all about vineyards, beautiful and diverse landscapes and of  course trying some of Slovenia’s excellent wines.

Most parts of the Slovenian landscape are shaped by wine and vineyards and therefore it was obvious to choose the topic of “Winescapes” for the meeting. In total 35 students from 13 countries took part and visited different parts of Slovenia, e.g. the Štajerska region, the Vipaca valley and the Karst region. They also explored the capital Ljubljana with its beautiful architecture, river and castle and learnt more about Slovenian culture and traditions. The focus of the meeting was on sketching and analysing the changing landscape but also on cultivating and trying different types of wines from different regions. So in total 25 different wines were tasted and of course compared. 

The mini-meeting ended after six days of travelling around Slovenia with an exhibition showing drawings and photographs in the Department of Landscape Architecture in the University of Ljubljana. The event left lots of experiences and inspiration both for the participants and organizers.  



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