LE:NOTRE Spring workshop 2009

With the compiling of this year’s ELASA annual report in mind, we’d like to fill in a few blank spots of what has been done the past year, more specifically in regards to LE:NOTRE.IMG_9801

For those who haven’t heard of  LE:NOTRE yet, it is a Thematic Network Project that was founded by ECLAS (European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools). This thematic networks connects over 100 landscape architecture universities as well as other important European stakeholders, and more recently (LE:NOTRE TWO) an even wider group of organizations and individuals, such as landscape architecture students and practitioners. Besides from strengthening the European landscape architecture academic community, the project website (le-notre.org) functions as a resource database where information (literature database, design projects, images,…) can be shared and found. Most likely your school is already connected to this network, which means they have the ability to create a login for their students. So in case you weren’t provided with a login to the site already, you could ask for one to your school’s listed contact person.

Each year LE:NOTRE organizes a Spring workshop to which we are glad ELASA is invited as well. This year’s workshop focused on ‘e-learning’. You might remember an email that was sent out to the ELASA mailing list (March 30th, 2009) in which we asked to fill in a short and anonymous IMG_9739online survey about this subject. This was done in preparation for the LE:NOTRE Spring workshop 2009 with the idea to broaden the insight into possibilities of e-learning and the way landscape architecture students are already making use of them, or envision the subject. After having looked through the received responses, we decided during the LE:NOTRE workshop to compile a short written report on the survey results, as we felt these outcomes could be beneficial to the LE:NOTRE working group. This report can be found by clicking on this link.

The workshop itself took place in Versailles (Paris, FR) at the ENSP (‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage’) from Thursday 2nd until Sunday 5th of April 2009. Altogether, we were with eight ELASA-members to join the professors during a 4 day Spring workshop, and we participated in seven different working groups. During the previous LE:NOTRELASA_posterA3_2009_v3-E Spring workshop (Brussels 2008) the idea came to mind to create a poster to be distributed to the LE:NOTRE school network in order to draw new students in the direction of both ELASA and LE:NOTRE. After multiple brainstorms – during which we evaluated different approaches for the poster – it finally came to its final form. This joint poster was distributed to the teachers during this year’s Spring workshop event and should be hanging up in universities across Europe by now. Additionally it can be viewed by clicking on this link. Please feel free to download it and put it up in your university if you want to promote ELASA and LE:NOTRE at your school.

More detailed information providing an overview of our reflections and findings after the LE:NOTRE Spring workshop 2009 can be found in a report that we put together. This report was in the first place valuable for the ongoing evaluation of the LE:NOTRE project, but it also gives an idea of what goes on at these LE:NOTRE workshops. Clicking on this links takes you to that report.

Ana B., Katarina H., Ruben J., Maria K., Florian L., Andreea P., Haris P., Guntis R.

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