Logo competition for ELASA

--- conditions for competition ---


The purpose of this competition is to organise an international competition and find a new best suiting logo for ELASA (European Landscape Architecture Student Association) that would reflect the values of the association.
The winning logo will be an internationally exposed and used symbol that represents ELASA network members, values and ideas. It follows the ideas of colour and shape theory, good design, modern style and is done in high quality.


To create a logo that is understood internationally by both ELASA participants and other people. It has the purpose of reflecting the values and characteristics of ELASA. It carries positivity, professionalism and innovation in its design. It is usable both in colour and monochrome; both online and in print.

Background information

ELASA is the European Landscape Architecture Student Association which promotes the support, cooperation, exchange of ideas and understanding between landscape architecture students throughout Europe. Each year ELASA organises its annual meeting (summer) and a smaller mini-meeting (spring). Every meeting is organised in a different country by landscape architecture students or a university from that country.


ELASA logo competition received in the first round 33 works. Now jury as been giving feedback, we are happy to announce that six works have advanced to the next round.
The next round involves public feedback where everybody has a chance to vote for the best suiting logo for ELASA.
After this round, we will put together jury and public feedback. The final decision is made by the jury.
Public voting starts on the 29th of September and ends on the 5th of October.
Voting system:
1. Please read the introduction.
2. Chech all six works and explanatory texts in the different sections.
3. If possible, give feedback on the work. For that use a separate section.
4. In the last section make your decision. Everybody has an opportunity to choose one work.
All participants who submitted works will receive feedback on the designed logos via email. We will contact you all separately. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the second round. ELASA thanks to everyone who took part in the logo contest!

--- Award ---

The first-place prize, which is the amount of 300€ (threehundredeuros) – will be awarded by IFLA Europe – European Region of International Federation of Landscape Architects Europe (www.iflaeurope.eu). In addition, the winner is the official logo author, receives a professional Landscape Architecture Europe – LAE book #5, IFLA EUROPE Exhibition Catalogue “Landscape as a common ground” and a certificate.
The second and third place prizes are professional Landscape Architecture Europe – LAE book #5, IFLA EUROPE Exhibition Catalogue “Landscape as a common ground” and a certificate.
The competition organisers reserve the right to make changes/adjustments to the awards if it is necessary.


--- Competition period ---

The competition will be launched on 15 July 2020 and closed on  25 September 2020.

The competition close time postponed!

--- The course of the competition ---

Contest dates are postponed to give more time to jury work and decisions!

The language of the competition is English and the competition will take place in 2 phases.
The competition begins with the announcement and publishing of base materials through e-mail and on ELASA home page at www.elasa.org on  15 July 2020 and will be open for participation for all.
The first phase ends on 1 September 2020, followed by the work of the evaluation committee. 
The second phase will be just for the 6 short-listed strongest competitors (public and jury vote)  and will begin on 9 September 2020 and end on the 16 September 2020.
The winner will be announced on 25 September 2020 through e-mails, website and social media.
All the competitors will remain anonymous until the committee has made their final decision. Changes may occur during the competition.

--- Right of participation ---

ELASA logo competition is international and open for all, however, the competition is targeted at landscape architecture, architecture, urban design and environmental design students. Both current students or alumni are welcome to take part. It is forbidden to take part if you are part of the committee or part of the team who is responsible for admission. There is no limit for the number of works submitted, however, each work has to be submitted to the competition separately.

Evaluation committee

The evaluation committee is made of 6 people chosen based on their professionality, connection to landscape architecture, internationality and connection to ELASA.
1. Darija Perkovic: IFLA Europe Vice President for Communications
2. Urszula Forczek-Brataniec: IFLA Europe Secretary-General
3. Liisi Tamm: logo competition organiser, ELASA participant since 2017
4. Mateusz Chorzepa: ELASA participant since 2014
5. Vita Rehberger: ELASA participant since 2017
6. Daphne de Bruijn: Graphic designer of LAE, ‘scape magazine and Blauwdruk publishers
The evaluation committee is independent in its decisions and will only work on the basis of ELASA logo competition conditions, competition criteria and their professional experiences.


Competition coordinator: Alice Närep, ELASA Representative (Landscape architecture student at University of Estonian Life Sciences). Contributors to the competition: Liisi Tamm, Alice Närep, Kaja Veddel (is allowed to take part in the competition), David de Boer (is allowed to take part in the competition), Daniela Micanovic (is allowed to take part in the competition), Urška Didovič (is allowed to take part in the competition).

Important information

--- Submitted work technicalities ---

Wordmark and figurative mark need to submit:
* The logo (.png, .pdf format, 300dpi, at least 20cm wide or 20cm high). The winner will have to present their logo work file (.ai, .cdr, .eps, SVG etc format) as well.
* A descriptive text (200-400 words) about the reasons, connections, story and background info about the work.
* A signed non-exclusive license. Copy the”licensing and use” criteria text from our website on white paper, and add the date and your signature. Send it as a separate document. 
* Text file with contact info (full name, e-mail, phone number; if there are several authors, all of them must enter their information)

--- Questions and inquiries ---

Every contestant has the right to ask more questions as needed.
The questions must be in English.
They will be answered within 3 workdays.
Contact: elasa@elasa.org
The deadline for questions is 26 August 2020.

--- Qualifying ---

A presented work will qualify if it consists of all the necessary parts (logo file, the text of explanation, licence, author(s) information) and meets the anonymity requirements.

--- Submitting ---

The entries must be presented latest on 1 September 2020 to the following e-mail elasa@elasa.org. The title should contain the chosen word that is also used to code the files.
You will receive a letter to confirm that your work has been accepted.

--- Evaluation criteria ---

The evaluation committee will privately assess each entry as a whole. They will focus on the idea, style, thematic connections, intelligibility and usability.
If the committee finds that the entry does not meet the requirements, they can choose not to evaluate it.
If the committee finds that there are no entries that fit to represent ELASA, they can cancel the competition.
The winners will be announced through e-mails and on the elasa.org web page on 25 September 2020.

--- Anonymity ---

The name of the author(s) cannot be seen anywhere on the files of the logo and descriptive text. Every entry must be titled with a word that cannot be easily connected to the author. When submitting the entry, the e-mail title and file names must contain the chosen word. Example: Spruce_logo; Spruce_text; Spruce_licence; Spruce_contact. The competition is anonymous until the winner is chosen.

--- Licencing and use---

According to copyright law, the ownership rights of the entries submitted to the competition belong completely to the author(s). By submitting their entry to the competition and signing the copyright licence, the author confims that they are the true author of the work. When the winner is announced, the copyrights of that work will transfer to ELASA for future use as an official logo. There will be a contract signed by both parties to confirm this. ELASA will have the right to change the logo in cooperation with the creator.

Thank you

ELASA is grateful for our competition supporters:
IFLA Europe – European Region of International Federation of Landscape Architects is a not‐for‐profit organisation that represents, supports and promotes the unique and stand‐alone profession of landscape architecture across Europe, recognising excellence in educational courses and promoting best practice operations in all member countries. IFLA Europe has 34 members – National Associations of Landscape Architecture representing nearly 20.000 landscape architects. It aims not only at defending the landscape architecture profession, recognising excellence in educational courses and promoting the best practice operations in all member countries, but also striving to enhance the quality of landscape planning, monitoring and management in collaboration with the European Union, Council of Europe, UN and other related organisations.
LAE – Landscape Architecture Europe is a foundation whose aim is to enhance the dialogue in landscape architecture on a European level by publishing a triennial yearbook. LAE started in 2003 and produced so far five yearbooks and more than 200 beautiful and relevant plans and projects. With these projects and with essays, interviews and portraits LAE explores how landscape architects in Europe work and design: What strategies, tools and methods do they use? What design innovations are taking place? How do they improve the disciplinary domain and effectiveness? These selected projects redefine the scope of a practice where society, politics, ecology and economy meet. Landscape Architecture Europe is produced in collaboration with the International Federation of Landscape Architects – Europe.