Look-back at annual meeting 2010

Annual meeting 2010 in Latvia is over now since 4 days. Pimp My Woodland were happy to welcome 14 elasians and 3 guest tutors for 10 days. It was kind of mini annual meeting with all of advantages coming from that 🙂

We visited 5 different locations:

  • Jelgava (3 days);
  • Mazirbe (2 days);
  • Jūrmala (2 days);
  • Sigulda (2 days)
  • and finally Rīga (1,5 day)

In tree of those locations elasians worked hard with local planing issues.

  • “The Urban jungle: growing” in Jelgava together with Erik Skärbäck and Friedrich Kuhlmann
  • “Urban sprawl” in Jūrmala together with Simon Bell
  • “Wanna See the Valley” in Sigulda together with Ģirts Runis

In other places there was more free time and relaxation. Like sketching in Mazirbe with Roland Gustavsson, wine tasting on the way to Jūrmala and ELASA tree planting in Salaspils National Botanical Garden in Riga.

Participants also had opportunity to discus and ask question to each tutor in 4 discussion-interview sessions, which was recorded and will be published later.

Near to the end, at the Reps meeting the next ELASA annual meeting 2012 place was proposed in Belgium and Ruben Joye rubenjoye[at]hotmail.com is contact person there. ELASA Forum was anounced as well administrated from Paul Diehl diehlpaul86[at]googlemail.com together with some moderators, you should write to Paul if you want to help Him to support ELASA Forum

Also a lot of materials was gathered during the meeting which will be published one by one starting from now.

We are of course exited to see ELASA grow and evolve in years to come.

Stay tuned and remind me about things I forget!


PS: more info will come in ELASA annual report 😉 and here are some vitamin c to keep you all healthy 😀