Mailing list

Mailing List

While the annual meetings are very successful, the periods between them are rather quiet. Students go back home to resume their studies and staying in touch with everybody is difficult. So it was necessary to create a forum which is independent from the meetings.

The ELASA-L Mailing List has been established in May 1996 as a result of the internet discussion during the 1996 Conference in Czech Republic. The aim is to increase the communication between the meetings and to create an effective network among students. ELASA-L offers many possibilities, for instance:

  • getting in touch with students from different countries and discussing issues and ideas of interest to European landscape architecture students
  • offering the opportunity to ask other people for help and advice in different topics
  • fast and cheap spreading of information about the next meeting, conference info, newsletters, etc.

The list members can communicate with each other by sending emails to the list address. The email will then be automatically distributed by the list server to each and every person on the list. 

ELASA-L is a public list. Everyone with an interest in landscape architecture issues is invited to join it. It is the best way to get in touch with ELASA, to make new friends in Europe, to take part in discussions and to share your experience with other students. So feel free to Join the list!