Mini Meeting – Slovenia

To be held in Spring (25th– 31st March 2011)

Organised by: DŠKA – Društvo Študentov Krajinske Arhitekture (Slovenian Society of Landscape Architecture Students)

Winescapes.Landscape shaped by vineyards and wine. At the ELASA Minimeeting 2011 in Slovenia we will visit a variety of diverse landscapes of Slovenia and explore them through vineyards. Six days of hiking, observing, sketching and trying some of Slovenia’s excellent wines. Winescapes, taste some?

6 thoughts on “Mini Meeting – Slovenia

  1. how to sign up for the tasty winescapes?
    what about fees, program, further information?

    please help! thx

  2. I am looking forward for this mini-meeting! I’ve read all the details about price, travel, accomodation, but I saw the transport is not included! Hope to solve this problem!

  3. Hey Crisstine!

    In invite you to write directly to the organizer team with any questions on
    We might be able to help you with tip on how to get to Slovenia.

    Best regards,
    Gasper Habjanic
    Organizer Team
    Winescapes 2011

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