MiniMeeting is BACK

Hello Elasians!

We are pleased to announce the dates for the minimeeting to be held here in Edinburgh in the Spring of 2010 in order for you to check your schedules and think about participating. Organisation and plans are evolving well and we are pleased to see the return of the minimeeting to the ELASA calendar.

Minimeeting will open/start the evening of Thursday 15th April
Minimeeting will close evening of Monday 19th April.
Accommodation will be available for the Monday night, it is expected participants will leave Tuesday.

We were happy to volunteer to organise the minimeeting at the Representatives meeting in Romania 2009. So on a tighter time frame we have been working hard to arrange a stimulating, interesting and fun programme that will challenge you to in many ways.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK US THE COST AT THIS TIME. We hope to announce the formal opening of application in early February.
A website will soon be up and running and will include information about travel etc. We hope you have received information on the mailing list as well.

Good luck with upcoming studies

The ELASA Edinburgh 2010 Team

4 thoughts on “MiniMeeting is BACK

  1. Hello!!! I would like to partisipate too)) just going from the 3D Europe conference and desided to take a chance) I live in Minsk, Belarus and study as an architect) very interested in landskape design and workwd in this sphere some time ago)

  2. You will have to wait a little, until meeting site is up and running. And there will be application form to fill in.

  3. Hi
    I’m currently in my 2nd year on a postgraduate landscape architectures course at Birmingham University. My professor Kathryn Moore has encouraged us to apply to the mini meeting. However I am concerned to see the deadline was yesturday. I would be interested to come however I cannot locate the application site, I can only assume this is closed now? I would like to put myself on the waiting list if this is possible?
    Please could you let me know what kind of response you have had and whether this is possible?

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Maria,

    I’m afraid that the deadline for applications has now ended. We will be sure to put you on the waiting list. In the meantime you may be interested in participating in the day workshop on the 16th April which is open to additional UK students. Go to the Back to Basics with NEA page http://uk2010.elasa.org/back-to-basics-with-nea for more information.

    Rowan Longhurst

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