News about mini-meeting 2012 in Serbia [UPDATE]

TOPIC: Resymbolising

Date: 22.04.2012. – 29.04.2012. (first 3 days Belgrade – last 3 days Novi Sad)

Meeting point: Belgrade, goodbye point Novi Sad.

Number of participants: 40

Time for applications: 15.02. – 22.02.2012.

Contacts: serbia2012[at]


13 thoughts on “News about mini-meeting 2012 in Serbia [UPDATE]

  1. Hi,

    I am student of Landscape architecture/Faculty of Forestry/University of Belgrade.I am interested in whether If I have to register separately as a member of ELASA team and then sign up for upcoming mini-meeting 2012 in Serbia or there is some other procedure?



    1. Hey!

      You should get in contact with contact in Srbia Danijela Lalovic look for her email at just type Serbia in Search:
      It is not common that people who are from country where a meeting is organised take part in a meeting as participants, but it is up to organizers.
      You can also try to reach organizers directly at serbia2012[at]

    2. Hi!

      Like admin has said, it is not usual that domestic students take participation in meetings as visitors, but you (students from Belgrade and Novi Sad) will maybe have chance to be included in some workshops, lectures and parties.
      The best way to found out is to contact some member of Belgrade organization team like Andrijana ( or Danijela (


  2. Hi)
    I’m a student of LA from Belarus and I’ve never participated in ELASA meetings. But I would like to;) Could you describe what will the application for mini-meeting in Serbia look like? Is it required to send a special project, short video or somethig else?
    Thank you)

    1. Hi!
      Applications will be very simple. You will send us some basic information about yourself (year of study, University, etc) and you should apply on the start of the applications (15.02.-22.02.) to improve your chances to be selected.
      More information will be able on our website soon!
      If you have some other questions you can contact us with email

  3. Hi,

    I am a Landscape Architecture student from Zagreb, Croatia. I have noticed that you don’t have a Croatian representative on the contact mailing list. I am curious is there one at all, and, if not, is it possible for me to apply since I’m not a member of ELASA (yet).

    One other thing, what does it take to become a member?


    1. It just means that there haven’t been anyone from Croatian in ELASA meeting recently. We always happy to see jet an other country to join in! All you have to do is apply to mini-meeting in Serbia this spring and get other Croat LA students to apply too. Application will be open shortly here:


  4. Hello Ozana,
    Country representatives are decided each year on the ELASA meetings. As there have not been participants from Croatia the last years, we are indeed lacking somebody from your country.

    “What does it take to become a member?”
    ELASA does not have offical members. All european students of landscape architecure and related studies are considered “members”. There is only a difference between active members, who take part in the meetings and/or organize meetings themselves etc and all the rest. To become “active” you only need to show your interest and do so. One first step you could do is to sign up for the mailinglist to get all the important information about ELASA.

    Of course you can also apply for the ELASA meetings. Like described in the comments above, you will only need to send some basic information about yourself (year of study, University, etc) to the organizing team as soon as applications are opened (15.02. – 22.02.). They will then inform you if you can participate in the meeting. Normally places are awarded on a first come first serve policy, so the sooner you apply, the higher your chances!


  5. Hi,

    Thank you, Guntis and Paul, for providing me with these very useful information. Of course I will apply! 🙂 I have already started sharing this event with my colleagues and you may be interested in fact that there is great interest among students! 😀 I believe the reason is that meeting is that close to Croatia. But everyone is curious also about the costs and organisation of this meeting. If you could send me some more details, I would really appreciate it.
    Also, I’m looking forward to connect to some other LA students in Europe. It’s always good to do some networking! 🙂
    Anyways, thank you once again.


    1. Croatia is placed in B group which means that your participation fee for the meeting is 130 euros. You additionally must to pay your travel from Croatia to Belgrade and from Novi Sad (Belgrade) to Croatia. Costs of accommodation, food, drinks, traveling through Serbia and tickets are covered by fees of participants and our sponsors so you will not have some large additional expenses during the meeting.

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