Online Seminar on Climate Change

This seminar aims to raise awareness for the challenges and possibilities for landscape architecture in the context of climate change. The course is conceived as an introduction into this broad issue. The main objective is to provide an overview of how landscape architects can contribute to the implementation of mitigation and adaption strategies on regional, local and site level. The first part of the seminar will touch on the scientific, ethical and political context of climate change. Obviously, this introduction will rather raise questions than provide answers. In the following two parts good practise examples of climate change mitigation and adaption will be presented and discussed. The contributions will be provided by experts from different continents in order to show the global dimension of the theme.

The seminar is addressed to a worldwide target group of landscape architecture students or students form neighbouring disciplines interested in learning jointly about this emerging professional field. Interested students/teachers should contact the seminar coordinator.

Three phases of teaching and learning are to be held between 23rd of October 2012 and 5th of February 2013. The seminar will be conducted online and include international groups of students that are working at different locations. Adobe Connect Software is used as virtual classroom and this seminar WIKI allows for communication, organisation and asynchronous collaboration of students. Performance assessments are based on successful completion of four assignments. Depending on the number of completed assignments, the seminar workload translates into 3 ECTS.

For more information please see the Pages on the Seminar Wiki.