After ten months of intense editing work, the new PAO Book is out! The massive near 600-pages volume with the promising title “MAKING TIME: MEMES OF POTOC” not only introduces the people, places and projects of the 6th PAO Summerschool in Potoc / Romania (2009), but puts forward a new method for how architectural and artistic work becomes a tool for cultural knowledge and understanding. The book presents how collective creativity can unearth so-called “Memes”, that is: the generic ideas inherent in a specific place. Eventually, the PAO works on the “Memes of Potoc” revealed an idea that has become a secret to modern man: How to make time.

The book can be ordered directly at or via local booksellers. ISBN 978-3-941298-65-1. Content: 594 pages, with more than 400 b/w images. Size: 150 x 100 mm. Price: € 14,90

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