PAO ARCHITECTURE SUMMERSCHOOL 2011 – Under One Roof: A Thousand Ideas

Titled UNDER ONE ROOF: A THOUSAND IDEAS finally the concept and programme for the 2011 PAO Summerschool got decided. The workshop will happen – as in the previous years – in the Romanian mountain village of Potoc, near Timisoara city. The general idea is to rework the old school building in Potoc, and to set-up a kind of Micro-Bauhaus in this rural setting. The large old school provides a perfect location for a variety of projects on all scales: from artistic work (sculpting, drawing, crafting) to architectural construction (house-in-house).

TIME The workshop will happen from August 22nd until September 4th. Before the workshop start a weekend programme in the nearby city of Timisoara is prepared. A detailed workshop schedule is to be issued in the next weeks.

REGISTRATION Deadline for registration and payment will be July 31st. The number of participants is limited to ~20. The people who register first will be enrolled.

FEES Participation fees will be 150 € for students, and 250 € for professionals, covering the full course of two weeks. The fees include food, field trips and accomodation (students: tents; professionals: dormitory or guest house).

CRITERIA There are no specific criteria for participation. Yet, participants shall have high personal motivation, a natural creative drive and some positive craziness. Before all, the ability to be productive in an international teams is essential. As PAO is a genuine “hands-on” workshop, a certain physical robustness is necessary too.

ARRIVAL Meeting place will be Timisoara city on the 21st of August. From Timisoara a pickup trip is organised to Potoc village. If you arrive by airplane, the nearest airport is Timisoara/Romania, however Belgrade/Serbia is quite close too (2h Bus to Timisoara). Flying to Budapest/ Hungary is also possible (4 hours trainride to Timisoara).

FURTHER INFORMATION Anyone who is interested in the workshop or wants to receive detailed information, shall email to or visit the website which will be updated in the next days with new information.