BAGNO On a visit to l´Aquila last week, the project site for the PAO.6 Experimental Architecture Summercamp in l´Aquila could be finally decided. After discussing with representatives of the local government and l´Aquila University, the new settlement of Bagno turned out to be the place.

INSTANT VILLAGE Bagno is one of a dozen new-built settlements in the outskirts of l´Aquila. After the earthquake in 2009, approx. 600 people from 4 destroyed villages were resettled to this “instant village”. Whereas people – who have lived during the last year in tents – have houses again, the new settlement (which consists of only 7 long rowhouses) is still lacking social infrastructures. Even though there is a clear need for an architectural enhancement (e.g. by a community center, a market place, parks and playground, meeting places for elderly and children, sports ground, landscaping etc.), the central task remains: How to establish a normal community life again?

DIY PROTOTYPING The PAO Session in l´Aquila will propose design and development schemes how the existing settlement can be architecturally improved with low budgets but high concepts. Participants will produce simple prototypes for DIY construction using the available technologies, skills, and materials. Here, local people shall be involved in order to trigger maximum social effect. The Bagno Project may present a model how l´Aquila´s post-earthquake settlements can be further developed into vital and sustaining neighbourhoods.

Posted By PAO TEAM to PAO at 7/20/2010 12:06:00 AM