Terreform ONE Bio Design Lab now accepting applications. Scholarships available!



TerreformONE [Open Network Ecology] is an award winning non-profit design group that promotes green design in cities. This summer they are offering a bio-design lab for students, architects, scientists, artists and individuals of all background in New York. During this lab it will be explored design with various living matter including live tissues, bacteria, tree grafting, fungi growth control and parametric scripting. 

ONE Lab is designed for students who wish to engage with the crossover of design and science. The lab concentrates on recent advances in the biotechnology and computation, both in theory and practice. ONE Lab moreover offers a new means of design inquiry where students will actively use the tools and technologies of live sciences . The participants will learn the processes of biotechnology (including technologies such as genetic engineering, tissue culture, and cloning), growing materials, grafting trees and plants, scripting and computational modeling for controlled growth. Students will have access to bio laboratories, techniques and expertise. 

The Lab consists of a Seminar Week (guest lectures from international scholars and designers) and Workshop Weeks where the participant will chose a series of day-long workshops. All classes are beginner level and no previous knowledge or experience is required

In addition to that Terreform ONE is awarding full scholarships to the top applicants. Applications for scholarships are due by May 31, 2011.

Check the website http://www.terreform.org/farm_application.html for more information on how to apply.