Urban boundaries – Student Design Competition

The unique international gathering of professionals of the fields of landscape architecture and horticulture, landscape development, spatial planning, urban planning, construction, forestry and agricultural engineering will take place in Zurich in June 2011

Dealing with land as a resource in a sustainable way is a globally recognized goal. However, towns and villages continue to expand as long as there is sufficient space. The pressure on the landscape is growing. All too often it is still regarded as potential development land. In conjunction with these trends, the urban boundary is becoming critically important – it is the link to the open landscape that allows humans to meet their fundamental need to experience nature.

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The IFLA World Congress 2011 Zurich, Switzerland is an international professional congress to be held in Zurich that is expected to be attended by more than 800 professionals and students from throughout the world to discuss current topics, exchange experiences and establish contacts.

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