lisbon, 20th-30th july 2011

The international seminar on the trasformation of the monumental area profile of the city, organised by ACMA and held from 20th to 30 th July 2011 in collaboration with the Lisbon city council, will be determined by a series of ongoing projects. These projects are on the areas surrounding the Tower of Belém and the Hieronymites Monastery. Five Lisbon architects and landscapists, involved in these projects, whose studies are the most renowned internationally, have been asked by the seminar organisation body to put forward their idea of a city in five conferences open to the public. They will be presenting projects which have already been completed or simple planning proposals. This initiative aims to contribute towards the creation of an overall picture of thought, both for those participating in the seminar and the technicians, as well as the local administrative body, on the unique opportunity of coordinating the current planning experiences. This would lead to an agreement of a landscape proposal shared by the western profile of the city.



22 JULY 2011: JOAO NUNES_Lisbon

25 JULY 2011: MANUEL MATEUS_Lisbon

26 JULY 2011: GONCALO BYRNE_Lisbon


The conferences will be held at 6 p.m. at the CIUL (Urban Information Centre of Lisbon), Picoas Plaza, Lisbon

DIRECTION Antonio Angelillo, João Nunes

WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF Manuel Salgado, deputy mayor and town planning assessor of Lisbon municipality

 LABORATORIES BY Sergio Antão_Porto, CZ Studio (Paolo Ceccon, Laura Zampieri)_Venezia, Giorgio Peghin_Cagliari. Tutors: Eduardo Pinto_Lisbon, João Sampaio_Lisbon

ACTIVITIES/ PROGRAMME The seminar will be divided into four parts: territory knowledge and more specifically of the project area; in-depth analysis of the technical and theoretical aspects of the problem in question; planning laboratories in study groups and general discussions; work exposition and communication of the results to the public.

REGISTRATION The seminar is designed mainly for newly graduates and students in architecture, yet also proposed to technicians and professionals as a moment of work updating. The 100 hour seminar is part of the Continuing Formation programme of the Barcelona UPC. Attendance implies attainment of the “Remaking Landscapes” attendance Certificate. The 10 ETCS credits are also spendable within the programme of the Barcelona UPC Masters in Landscape Architecture which ACMA has been organising as of 2009 in Milan.

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